Secure video conference without registration

Join the Peer-to-Peer video conference without registration for free. You are invisible for Global corporations here!

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No Analytics

There are no embedded code or trackers of Global Corporations on our pages. Nobody here is looking at you.

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Less Code

You do not need to install an application or program anything. It just works peer-to-peer in your browser.

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To create a Meetings, we use the WebRTC Jitsi server. But we are open for all competitive open source platforms.

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User Friendly

To start Meeting, you just need to get a Link without registration. It’s as simple as talking to friends on the street.

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Uncompromising security

We create a peer-to-peer encrypted connection without personal data that cannot even be compromised.

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You can share the received link in any Social network or Messenger to start a Meeting on any device no restrictions.

Amazing Freedom

It’s like meeting dudes you know on the street and just talking to them. When you talk to your friends on the street about life, success, or business, do you ask them for a password or fingerprint? Here you are just as free.

Complete Privacy

Whether you’re chatting with your loved one or holding a business conference, here you can be sure those big-eyed cororation perverts aren’t watching you. Your devices connect directly to each other over a secure connection.

Full data protection

What data can be collected about you? You don’t need to create an account. Giving a name, surname, date of birth, providing biometrics, a photo of a beloved pet is a thing of the past. You go into the room and just close the door from strangers.

Competitor Comparison

Well-known video conferencing projects offer for free only limited features. The number of participants is up to a maximum of 100, the duration of the meeting is up to 40 minutes. The price of paid versions is from $72 to $259.20 per year.

No user limit

Lifetime free.

Save 100% – $X

  • Without registration
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited session
  • Recording

Terms of Service

Goodness Corporation Starter

100 team members


Per user / month, 1 year commitment Save $1.2 – $7.20

  • Without registration
  • 100 participants
  • Recording

Goodness Corporation Standard

150 team members


Per user / month, 1 year commitment Save $2,4 – $14.40

  • Without registration
  • 150 participant
  • Recording

The comparison table shows the most affordable packages. But as you understand, payment requires registration and the collection of your data. Pay attention, our service without registration and payment.


Sovereignty, security and prosperity are the three beautiful pillars on which the world stands.

Donald Trump


Love is the most enduring force in the world. This creative force is the most powerful tool available to humanity in its quest for peace and security.

Martin Luther King


Freedom is not something you have been given. This is something that cannot be taken away from you.


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Who need Peer-to-peer Meet?

This will certainly be useful for Startupers and Influencers who need free high-quality communication for Streaming and online Meets without restrictions. Ordinary people who value their own safety, journalists and human rights organizations and everyone who needs a secure online meeting are welcome!